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Articles on Psychopathic Types

The following are a number of articles on the psychopathic type personality. It includes some of the reasons why victims such as Sarah Strudwick and Sarah Tate have had to write books on them and articles from other well known authors and professionals on psychopathy and how we can educate ourselves about Psychopaths and Narcissists.

Narcissists can now be given the ultimate title they deserve – a Psychopath - Sarah Strudwick author of 'Dark Souls'

A Narcissistic Sociopath - Sarah Tate

The Psychopaths among us -  An article written by Dr Robert Hare, an expert on Psychopathy and author of 'Without Conscience' and 'Snakes in Suits'

How sociopaths mess with your Head - A Lovefraud Post by Sarah Strudwick

An Expert view of Cluster B Personalities - Dr David A Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Psychopaths and Bullying - An Article by Thomas Sheridan, artist and writer of a new book entitled 'Labyrinth of the Psycopath'

When Our Fairy Tales turn out to be Nightmares An article on the Prince Charming's of this world oh and of course a few princesses who may turn out to be Prince of Darkness and Wicked Witches - Sarah Strudwick

The Impact of Cluster B - An Idoits Guide - Sarah Tate

Inside the mind of a sociopath - How might it feel to be inside the head of a psychopath - Sarah trudwick

The silent (but Deadly) Treatment  - Steve Becker, Lovefraud Expert

Sadistic Psychopaths One womans experience of being on forums that are supposed to help survivors of narcissists

Why it's hard to get rid of a psychopath - an article from Psychopathy Awareness

Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane - No its a Psychopath - On spotting psychopaths in the workplace - Sarah Strudwick

Is the APA doing away with NPD - Lisa E Scott

Charismatic Psychopaths Neil Entwhistle and Mark Hacking - An article by Claudia Moscovici

The Sexual Risk Taker - Why some celebrities and psychopaths take high sexual risk Sarah Strudwick

The Devil is in the details - Why some psychopaths are the "in your face" type and some are "slow burners" but both are equally as dangerous by Sarah Tate

A warning for victims and fluffy bunny lightworkers - On why some types of therapists are dangerous and cannot help victims get out of relationships with psychopaths - Sarah Strudwick

Aggressive Personalities - Part 1 - Dr George Simon

Aggressive Personalities - Part 2 - Dr George Simon

Why Sociopaths Sometimes Kill Themselves - Sarah Strudwick on Lovefraud

Female Sociopath Shares her experiences - Article by Lovefraud

A victim speaks up about being Angry - Sarah Tate

When Hope is Not Enough - On the Medias part on portraying Sociopaths and Narcissists as "Normal" Sarah Strudwick

The Psychopaths Relationship Cycle - On why they Idealize, devalue and Discard by Claudia Moscovici Psychopathy Awareness

Goodbye Mr Stalker - Sarah Strudwick Dark Souls